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Olperr Elong Camp

Olperr Elong Camp is situated on the border of Kenya's wildlife jewel - the Massai Mara Game Reserve. Your tents are nestled in a small forest to provide shade and views of colourful bird life. This part of the rift valley is a component of the complex Serengeti-Mara ecosystem. The diverse wildlife includes wildebeest, elephans, lions, hyenas, buffalo, zebra and gazelles. The camp is equiped with hot showers and flush toilets. Medical care and an airstrip are close by. The predominantly Maasai town of Sekenani is within walking distance and provides a snapshot of Kenya's cultural make-up, both old and new. With a guide, participants can explore the hills surrounding the camp.

Maasai Centre for Field Studies

Situated 30km north of Mount Kilimanjaro, this tented camp lies within an area rich in both wildlife and the cultural traditions of the Maasai people. Permanent structured include showers, toilets, library, kitchen and a common are constructed of local materials in order to harmonize with the surroundings. Medical care and an airstrip in Kimana are only 10 km away. The Centre is fully enclosed by a perimeter fence to protect guests from unexpected visits by wildlife that share the land. Wildlife is abundant in the area, including elephants hippos, giraffe and buffalo.
Maasai Centre
Kilimanjaro from Maasai Centre

Indian Ocean Coast

The Indian Ocean Coast portion gives the opportunity to expore mangrove, coral reef and dry coastal forest ecosystems. Wee will be staying at the Nyali Beach Resort in Mombassa Beach. Resort's web page
Indian Ocean