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Kenya: Interdisciplinary Course

Interdisciplinary Course 301: Cultural Emersion

The focus of the three credit “Cultural Immersion in Kenya” course (INTD 301) is to provide opportunities for students from a variety of disciplines to begin to develop cross-cultural communication skills and cultural competency skills. Students will have opportunities to explore global issues such as health care, education, economics, poverty, and cross-cultural differences between the Kenyan people (language, religion, food, shelter, government, etc.). Students will have opportunities to participate in service learning activities in areas of health and education; these learning experiences will take place in an international region with low income populations in four primary areas of Kenya:

Location 1: The Masai Mara

school kids

lab work

Location 2: The Orphanages of Lake Nakuru


Location 3: Lamu Island

student and child

Location 4: Masai Centre (5 nights)