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About the Weather Station Data

Currently data is uploaded every 15 minutes to "Current conditions"


The station is located to the south east of Red Deer College, in Red Deer, Alberta. 133degrees 50 minutes West, 52degrees 15 minutes N

Temperature data

The weatherstation is situated about 8 ft above the ground and the sensor is shielded from direct sunlight. The ground surface will heat up more and cool down more than than this sensor. Frost can occur at ground level but not be reflected in a negative temperature at this level. The outside temperature should reflect a reading taken in the last 15 minutes (check "time of reading"). This is followed by high and low values for the current day, with the time that this occured. There is than values for high and low for the month and calendar year.

Humidity data

Humidity data (percentage relative humidity) is a measure of the amount of moisture in the air as a percentage of the maximum that it can hold at that temperature etc.. So if the temperature falls but the moisture in the air stays the same then the relative humidity will increase. This is because coller weather can hold less moisture. When relative humidity is sunstatially below 100% then you expect drying to take place. However, remember that at night the ground is usually cooler than our weather station, so it could be 100% relative humidity on the ground but less up at the station. So dew will form on the ground when the station is reading under 100%.

Atmospheric Pressure

The main interest here is the trend. Note that the reading given is corrected for elevation. Don't use it for (e.g.) correcting the boiling point of water.

Wind Speed

To convert to km/hr multiply by 3.6. For example 2.0 m/s = 7.2 km/hr. Note that here the average values are more meaningful than the instantaneous.

Solar radiation

This is measured in watts/square metre.
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